Ban Loong Hotel @ Old Town Ipoh, 102 years old heritage hotel. This hotel is the ancestor home of the Loh Family who migrated to Malaya 126 years ago. Today the family are property developers under Mansion Builders, a leading property company in Malaysia.

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We’re continuing to meet your needs by welcoming “Ban Loong Hotel” into the Portfolio!  We hope to see you at one of our new hotel soon.


this is a 101 yrs old building, located in old town, Ipoh, the ancestor home of the loh mee loon family, we are trying to restore & preserve the old building by installing a new steel structures within the 101 yrs old building, but not demolishing any part of the 101 yrs old structure, preserving most of the features, hoping to bring this building to another 100 yrs

101 yrs ago, building structures consists of bricks & wooden beams as the main support, all these wooden beams & bricks will be preserved. Its amazing to see these 101 yrs old wooden beams as still standing strong as ever….

IMG-20151205-WA0007Renovation going – on ……………..






Perfect place to immerse yourself in the city’s heritage and culture.  The hotel is located close to the city center and surrounded by mouthwatering and savory food delicacies.  Guests can enjoy easy access to Ipoh Town Hall and Birch Memorial Clock Tower which are within walking distance of the hotel.  With its location, BAN LOONG HOTEL @ Old Town is one of the most convenient hotel for guest to tour around the heritage buildings.

The Hotel also provides great facilities for guests’ greatest comfort such as internet access, complementary bottled water, an LCD TV, ironing facilities, and non-smoking rooms.  The amenities included in each room ensure that your stay at BAN LOONG HOTEL @ Old Town will be a comfortable one.

BAN LOONG HOTEL is bold in design and Excellent in service!

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