Nanyang press interview with our MD Ir Loh Ban Ho on MM2H program in the country





Nanyang press interview 13/5/17 by sook yee. Published on 3rd June 17

1) is mm2h good for us?
2) what are ways to improve mm2h
3) would u participate if there’s such scheme?

We strongly support the mm2h program to market our perak properties to foreigners. This is part of the foreign investment that can help Perak’s economy.

There are many retired Westerners or Asians who are willing to choose our country to retire due to the advantage of currency exchange. Our climate is also suitable to some foreigners, which can’t stand the winter. But these retired foreigners are only given 3 months tourist visa. It would be a hassle for them renew their visa, 4 times a year.

With mm2h,  it’ll enable these group of people to retire in perak with a peace of mind and be given longer term visa.

These retirees are no threat to the local work force and would not jeopardise the affordability of our local perak properties.   Instead, these group of people will help enhance our economy.

Perak state gov should help to promote our local properties to the outside world since we were listed as one of the best place to retire in the world. We should ride on the fame and continue to promote ourselves to the world.

Offer more incentives to help foreigners own local properties. Waive the taxes on foreigner buying our properties. Setup centres to answer queries to assist them. Allow them hassle free on renewing their visas. Welcome them with open arms.

Retirees are here to spend their life savings, they are not here to earn a living and take funds out of the country to help their country. They are an advantage to our country’s economy.

We should not only encourage them to buy residential properties but also encourage them to buy Comercial properties.

Msia is losing to other countries like Thailand as a destination to retire due to their flexibility in many ways. We should change our mind set and welcome them with open arms.

If there’s such scheme to promote our perak properties to the outside world, we will definitely participate and support.




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